Fostering vegetable production for a sustainable food system that supplies the city

FSL Chongwe: Chemical Spraying
FSL Chongwe: Chemical Spraying

The Republic of Zambia is a landlocked country in Sub Saharan Africa. Near the country’s capital city Lusaka, lies Chongwe, a semi-rural community. Chongwe district populates about 137 000 people. The community is one of the two largest suppliers of fresh vegetables to Lusaka.

Current farming methods in Chongwe are not sustainable and use of agrochemicals is common. These practices are harmful to the people and the environment. Also, huge levels of post-harvest losses reduce the food production efficiency.

As the market for vegetables already exists in Lusaka, the Food System Lab in Chongwe has several opportunities in solving the local challenges. Strengthening market information systems will enable better planning and negotiation by farmers while reducing waste. Also, addressing the quality of vegetables produced in Chongwe will positively impact human and environmental health.

Specific objectives

  1. To promote sustainable production of healthy and nutritious food products through sustainable climate-resilient production systems
  2. To reduce food losses and increase food safety
  3. To improve the efficiency and functioning of food chains


  1. Introduction of a mobile software platform for the farmers which helps to connect suppliers and markets
  2. Development of materials for conservation farming, organic farming and water harvesting methods
  3. Training and workshops on sustainable agricultural practices for farmers

Chongwe, Zambia