The direct impact of climate change on the agricultural practices of small scale farmers has been well documented and Chongwe is no exception. This is why when Hivos through the HealthyFoodAfrica project (a Horizon 2020 project) engaged the farmers in Chongwe’s Kanakantapa area to promote more sustainable ways of farming, the farmers were elated. After being trained in organic farming and agro-ecology, the farmers are excited to share their experiences with other farmers within the same area.

Various farmers showcased their organic produce and encouraged others to join the practice.

Food System Lab Chongwe: Organic farming in practice – farmer chongwe
Ms. Stella Konga showcasing her organic produce at Kanakantapa Ward Agriculture show in Chongwe


Ms. Stella Konga was one of the supported famers trained and supported was one of the supported farmers trained and supported by the project and had this to say:

“I started practicing organic farming to help mitigate climate change effects. I have learnt that organic farming increases the soil’s capacity to store more moisture such that when the rains delay to come, my crops can survive for a longer time. I also learnt that organic farming reduces soil erosion, increases soil health, increases biodiversity, and resilience. I can also make my own natural fertilizers like bokashi and natural pesticide using chilli.”

”I want to share this information with other farmers so that as a community we can be resilient to climate change. I also want them to see how healthy and nutritious my organic produce is so that they can be encouraged to also learn about organic farming”.

On 12th May, 2023, the Ministry of Agriculture held the local ward agricultural show with the theme “Inclusive Economic Transformation” to provide a platform where farmers can exchange knowledge and create market linkages between farmers and different prospective buyers.

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