Using Policy To Create An Enabling Environment For Thriving Food Systems

Mangiza Chirwa, Hivos Since the beginning of the project, the Lusaka FSL has been working towards creating an enabling environment for the provision of healthy food in Lusaka through the involvement of multi-stakeholder actors operating in Lusaka’s food system. The FSL engaged the mayors’ office to create time for dialogue with traders to express their […]

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HealthyFoodAfrica Food System Lab Lusaka

Stengthening the vegetable value chain for Lusaka

HealthyFoodAfrica project’s Lusaka Food System Lab aims to strengthen the vegetable value chain for Lusaka to contribute towards building resilient food systems. The project organized a workshop bringing farmers and traders to together to identify the opportunities, challenges and policy issues that need to be addressed to create an efficient vegetable value chain for the […]

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How FSL Lusaka aims to improve food diversity and food safety for better nutrition – Image 63 scaled

How FSL Lusaka aims to improve food diversity and food safety for better nutrition

Author: Mangiza Chongo          National statistics from the Zambia Nutrition profile 2021 reveal that Zambia’s nutrition challenges are rooted in multidimensional poverty and systemic challenges to food, water, sanitation, hygiene health, social and economic systems. Zambia is said to face a double burden of malnutrition, meaning it has a coexistence of overnutrition (overweight and obesity) alongside […]

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Daily Life in Lusaka FSL: Working for Food Safety – Lusaka6 1

Daily Life in Lusaka FSL: Working for Food Safety

The Lusaka FSL held a training for market traders on food safety, storage and processing. Marketeers are key to preventing the outbreak of food borne diseases like Cholera. Author: Mangiza Chirwa Diarrheal diseases like Cholera and Typhoid are endemic to Zambia and break out almost every year in Lusaka. Statistics indicate that up to 15,000 […]

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Focus on informal food markets in Lusaka

The goal of the Lusaka Food System Lab is to give all residents better nutrition and health through a wide range of healthy diverse local foods. The Lab has a focus on the participation of the informal food traders and vendors, because of their critical role in the local food system.   

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Chongwe district supplying diverse, nutritious and healthy vegetables for Lusaka markets

Chongwe is a semi-rural district next to Zambia’s capital city Lusaka. It is one of the two largest suppliers of fresh vegetables to Lusaka. Our vision for the Chongwe Food System Lab is that in 10 years, the farmers in Chongwe venture into sustainable vegetable production which means that more safe (chemical free), diverse, nutritious and healthy vegetables will be grown, sold and consumed. 

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