HealhyFoodAfrica's Food System Lab Chongwe promotes organic farming

Food System Lab Chongwe: Organic farming in practice

The direct impact of climate change on the agricultural practices of small scale farmers has been well documented and Chongwe is no exception. This is why when Hivos through the HealthyFoodAfrica project (a Horizon 2020 project) engaged the farmers in Chongwe’s Kanakantapa area to promote more sustainable ways of farming, the farmers were elated. After […]

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Promoting Nutrition in Chongwe Food System Lab – Masau picture

Promoting Nutrition in Chongwe Food System Lab

Through the Chongwe Food System Lab (FSL), Healthy Food Africa is promoting production of traditional vegetables such as pumpkin leaves, sweet potato leaves, African eggplant, and other leafy vegetables. Author: Mangiza Chongo Chongwe is a peri-urban settlement in Zambia’s Lusaka province. It is located just over 40km from Lusaka and sometimes referred to as Lusaka […]

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The daily work in Chongwe: Promoting sustainable organic farming – chongwe1

The daily work in Chongwe: Promoting sustainable organic farming

Author: Mangiza Chongo, Hivos Chongwe is one of the major suppliers of fruits and vegetables to the population of Lusaka, the capital of Zambia. In 2015, a study by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and RUAF on City Region Food Systems revealed that only 25% of smallholder farmers in the study area (city region […]

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Chongwe district supplying diverse, nutritious and healthy vegetables for Lusaka markets

Chongwe is a semi-rural district next to Zambia’s capital city Lusaka. It is one of the two largest suppliers of fresh vegetables to Lusaka. Our vision for the Chongwe Food System Lab is that in 10 years, the farmers in Chongwe venture into sustainable vegetable production which means that more safe (chemical free), diverse, nutritious and healthy vegetables will be grown, sold and consumed. 

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