Production of high-quality biofertilizers

  The production of high-quality rhizobia inoculants (biofertilizers) for field application is crucial to enhance biomass production and yields of grain-legumes and also to improve soil health, resilience, and sustainable food production systems. Grain-legumes production or intercropped with non-legumes with the application of rhizobia inoculants are being conducted by the food systems labs at Bahir […]

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Promoting vegetables consumption in School Feeding Program

  The HealthyFoodAfrica project’s Food System Lab in Tamale aims to promote the consumption of vegetables in school feeding. This was done with the establishment of school vegetable gardens with both indigenous and exotic vegetables to be used in feeding school children in selected basic schools within Tamale Rural communities.  

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FSL Tamale: A class in Cheshie community in Tamale

Tackling children food insecurity in Tamale

The main goal of Tamale Food System Lab is to raise awareness about food and nutrition security for innovative food products and for improved child nutrition. This is because food and nutrition insecurity among children remain common phenomena in the HealthyFoodAfrica project communities.

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