Woman harvesting small paprikas or chilies.

Improving refugee women’s access to nutritious food

Author: Kadlah Nabakembo, Finn Church Aid HealthyFoodAfrica project’s Food System Lab in Rwamwanja refugee settlement aims to increase the availability of diversified and nutritious food in the households of maize farming women. With increased income and availability of nutritious food in women’s households, the FSL intervenes to promote nutrition education and awareness among beneficiaries to […]

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Woman tossing beans in the air with a sieve.

Higher prices for women producers – Improving the maize value chain

Author: Linda Kabuzire, Finn Church Aid HealthyFoodAfrica project’s Food System Lab Rwamwanja interventions focus on creating an attractive and favourable maize value chain for women maize producers and other value chain actors to increase their access to income. FSL Rwamwanja has established a community-based extension structure consisting of 10 model farmers selected from the 1,000 […]

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HealthyFoodAfrica's Food System Lab Fort Portal aims to work with cultural and religious leaders

Working with cultural and religious leaders to foster social and behaviour change for healthier and sustainable food systems

By Bwambale Bernard & Francis Musinguzi Religious and cultural communities are some of the well-organized civil institutions. Equally, religious and cultural leaders are often the most respected figures in their communities. They play a powerful role in shaping attitudes, opinions and behaviours in all spheres of life.  These leaders command a wider understanding of the […]

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HealthyFoodAfrica Food System Lab Lusaka

Stengthening the vegetable value chain for Lusaka

HealthyFoodAfrica project’s Lusaka Food System Lab aims to strengthen the vegetable value chain for Lusaka to contribute towards building resilient food systems. The project organized a workshop bringing farmers and traders to together to identify the opportunities, challenges and policy issues that need to be addressed to create an efficient vegetable value chain for the […]

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HealhyFoodAfrica's Food System Lab Chongwe promotes organic farming

Food System Lab Chongwe: Organic farming in practice

The direct impact of climate change on the agricultural practices of small scale farmers has been well documented and Chongwe is no exception. This is why when Hivos through the HealthyFoodAfrica project (a Horizon 2020 project) engaged the farmers in Chongwe’s Kanakantapa area to promote more sustainable ways of farming, the farmers were elated. After […]

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Blogs – FortPortal1

The Fort Portal Food Systems Lab rolls out Rhizobium inoculation to farmers

Bwambale Bernard & Francis Musinguzi Legumes, especially beans are a major food item of most staple diets in Uganda, providing about 15% of the protein source (Esther Ronner, Ken E. Giller, 2013). Legume production is supported by the bimodal rainfall pattern in most of the country’s agricultural regions. In these places, beans are planted around […]

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Capacity Strengthening session in Viwandani. Community organized groups were trained on production of organic manure.

Evidence to action: A glimpse into the journey of the Food Systems Lab in Nairobi

David Osogo, Maureen Gitagia, Allan Musumba Antonina Mutoro and Elizabeth Kimani-Murage Nairobi. This year, the African Population and Health Research Center that operates the HealthyFoodAfrica project’s Food System Lab in Nairobi, is celebrating 20 years of existence. Over the years, researchers have generated a lot of evidence on the food and nutrition security situation in […]

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Koose products

Value addition to agricultural and fish biodiversity promotes nutritious convenience foods for healthy diets and businesses

Authors: Amy Atter1, Ethel Juliet Blessie1, Evelyn Serwa Buckman1, Stephen Nketia1, Frank Peget1, Alice Padi1, Constance Boateng1, Queronica Q. Quartey2, Seth Koranteng Agyakwah3 1CSIR- Food Research Institute 2Labour Productivity Centre 3CSIR- Water Research Institute The double burden of malnutrition is predominantly widespread in sub-Saharan Africa, where undernutrition and overweight or obesity coexist. Several reasons have […]

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Blogs – 1B

Description of urban fruit and vegetable production system in southern Benin

Authors: Bodjrènou Sam PhD, Alladahouinnon Eddy MSc, Koukou Elie PhD, Bello Faïck MPhil, Amoussa Hounkpatin Waliou PhD, Prof. One of the main objectives of Food System Lab Cotonou’s activities within the framework of the Healthy Food Africa project is to improve fruits and vegetables production systems in the cities of Cotonou, Abomey-Calavi and Sèmè-Kpodji, and […]

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