A Strategic Roadmap for HealthyFoodAfrica (HFA) (D1.1)

This deliverable introduces the main components of the project and how they are connected. The
sequencing of activities and stakeholder engagement are presented as critically important in the
implementation of HFA. Interactions, iterations, feedback loops and coordination play a vital role in the required processes. The roadmap clarifies the steps to be taken and how they build on each other. The last section is dedicated to the important question of achieving transformational impact. To maximise project impact, attention will need to be paid to encouraging actual innovation in food chain governance, technologies, and business models. Other important measures for fostering
transformational impact are extracting and disseminating lessons learnt, building capacities, stakeholder engagement from the initial stages of the project, and, above all, paying attention to policies that enable promising and scalable governance arrangements.

A Strategic Roadmap for HealthyFoodAfrica (HFA) (D1.1) (5.34 KB), Published on: August 1st, 2023, Deliverables