Blogs – Recycles plastics container being used for vertical farming by Maisha girls group in Viwandani Nairobi

Improving nutrition and livelihoods of vulnerable populations in informal settlements of Nairobi

Through production of healthy diverse food, HealthyFoodAfrica’s Food System Lab activities in Nairobi will contribute to improved access to and consumption of safe, diverse and nutritious foods by vulnerable populations in the informal settlements, including children and women. Authors: David Osogo, Maureen Gitagia, Allan Musumba, Antonina Mutoro and Elizabeth Kimani-Murage The final decade of achieving […]

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FSL Nairobi builds the capacity of community organized groups in innovative urban farming and agribusiness

HealthyFoodAfrica’s Food System Lab Nairobi aims to promote small-scale crop and livestock farming by supporting women and youth community organized groups in Korogocho and Viwandani slums in Nairobi. In fall 2021 a one-week training was organized for 25 selected groups. Authors: Everlyn Kasina, Antonina Mutoro, David Osogo, Faith Kathoka, Maureen Gitagia, Florence Sipalla, Michelle Mbuthia, […]

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Promoting access to nutritious food in Nairobi urban poor settings

Malnutrition remains a serious public health challenge in slums of Nairobi. Malnutrition is attributable to limited access to adequate, safe and nutritious food. Evidence generated by the African Population and Health Research Center (APHRC) points to high levels of food insecurity and undernutrition especially among young children, women and adolescents in Korogocho and Viwandani slums in Nairobi.

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